Founder and Creative Director | Michelle Perez

Ladies Who Tiki is an all-inclusive community that celebrates women – from the bartenders, rum ambassadors, artists, musicians, Tiki connoisseurs, to fans of the movement and community. EVERYONE is welcome. (All genders, ages, backgrounds, etc.)

Founded by Michelle Perez a year ago, she realized that there weren’t very many groups dedicated to the inclusion and acceptance of women working in and enjoying the world of Tiki. She created this brand to bring people together, to create a place of fun, and a place to meet others who are just as excited about tropical cocktails, decor, fashion, art, music, and everything that comprises what the Tiki world is about.

She has hosted numerous LWT meetups across the US, rum sponsored Tiki convention parties and often hosts gatherings at her home bar, the Hollywood Lanai – and she isn’t stopping there!

Michelle loves a good daiquiri, cuddling with her cats, making kitschy ceramics for her company Pretty Girls Make Clay, Disney, and vintage fashion and home goods.

Digital Media Director | Brianne Rivlin

A professional writer and content creator for nearly a decade, Bri writes and develops content for Ladies Who Tiki. She takes pictures at events, and of cocktails in her home Tiki bar. Her first Tiki establishment she stumbled into (and often out of) was in 2005 at The Lucky Tiki in Mission Hills, Ca. (RIP)

She also has a soft spot for over-sized earrings and hair flowers, over-the-top drink garnishes, karaoke, and would never say no to a well-balanced cocktail… or puppy cuddles.

East Coast Operations Manager | Robin Camarotta

Robin Camarotta represents our East Coast Operations and Events! Also known as Natalie von Tiki, Robin is a published pinup model whose photos are featured in The Positive Pinup, the Brooklyn Pinups, and more. Professionally, Robin has created and hosted numerous large events – both fun and corporate in structure. Her love of the pinup word transformed her into a Tiki and Polynesian pop enthusiast.

She has a home Tiki bar, an extensive Tiki mug collection, travels all around the world to check out Tiki bars, and is always scooping up fabulous vintage finds. She has been to Tiki Oasis, the Hukilau, Ohana, and is recently entered to be Miss Tiki Oasis 2019!