Founder and Creative Director | Michelle Perez

Michelle Perez founded Ladies Who Tiki in 2018 when she realized that there weren’t very many groups dedicated to the inclusion and acceptance of women working in and enjoying the world of Tiki. She created Ladies Who Tiki to bring people together, to create a place of fun, and a space to meet others who are just as excited about tropical cocktails, decor, fashion, art, music, and everything that comprises what the Tiki world is about.

Michelle has hosted numerous Tiki events across the US as well as virtual meet-ups and often hosts gatherings at her home bar, the Hollywood Lanai. She loves a good daiquiri, cuddling with her cats, making kitschy ceramics for her company Pretty Girls Make Clay, Disney, and vintage fashion and home goods.

Digital Media Director | Brianne Rivlin

Professional writer and content creator by trade, and Tiki enthusiast by passion, Bri writes and develops content for Ladies Who Tiki. She comes up with tasty cocktails (often themed because why not?), aptly names them, then with her partner in life (and Tiki) takes pictures of cocktails in her home Tiki bar: Voodoo Glen.

Since her days as a child, gleefully scooping up spoonfuls of Dole Whip while watching the birds sing words inside Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room, Bri has always felt connected with the exotic tropical escapism. Growing up in the suburbs in Los Angeles wasn’t exactly noteworthy or exciting, so anything that evoked color and imagination was entrancing.

The first Tiki establishment she stumbled into (and often out of) was in 2005 at The Lucky Tiki in Mission Hills, Ca. (RIP) Since those booze-filled weekends inside her first Tiki bar, her passion for Tiki and rum has transcended into a full-fledged love of the community. She seeks to reinvent the Tiki world by creating a more inclusive and information-rich environment. One that respects the roots of this Americana genre while still acknowledging its problematic history.

East Coast Operations Manager | Robin Camarotta

Robin Camarotta represents our East Coast Operations and Events! Also known as Natalie von Tiki, Robin is a published pinup model whose photos are featured in The Positive Pinup, the Brooklyn Pinups, and more. Professionally, Robin has created and hosted numerous significant events – both fun and corporate in structure. Her love of the pinup word transformed her into a Tiki and Polynesian pop enthusiast.

She has a home Tiki bar, an extensive Tiki mug collection, travels worldwide to check out Tiki bars, and is always scooping up fabulous vintage finds. She has been to Tiki Oasis, the Hukilau, Ohana, and was recently a finalist for Miss Tiki Oasis 2019!

Community Manager | Peggy Piña

Peggy is originally from Puerto Rico and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. In her professional life, she has over six years of experience managing marketing efforts for wine and spirit brands. Her first Tiki experience was at La Mariana Sailing Club in Oahu, HI, and she was hooked ever since! 

As a member of the PA Liberty Belles Pinup Club and an active volunteer with Pinups for Pitbulls, Peggy organizes events for charity and regularly attends car shows. She’s published in various magazines and featured in the 2020 Pinups for Pitbulls calendar along with her pup, Piggy.

She collects mid-century barware and enjoys traveling to visit Tiki bars all over the world, always bringing back a souvenir (or two) for her home Tiki bar.

Event Coordinator, South | Nonsense Bettie

Nonsense Bettie was born in France and spent the first half of her life in South East Asia. Growing up in Malaysia, the tropical lifestyle developed within her from a young age. She now resides in the United States, splitting her time between Georgia and Florida. From her late teens, she has been fascinated with all things mid-century, from clothing to LIFE magazines, to comics – and that’s just a start! Her passion extends to her home, where the décor is all mid-century modern furnishings, complete with her own Tiki bar. Hosting themed parties and get-togethers are frequent occurrences at her house, where she loves to serve tiki cocktails! She is always eager to learn about the history of r(h)ums and Tiki culture. Finding Tiki and Tiki pop architecture in the wild is always a treat for her.

Holding three pageant titles, Nonsense Bettie is not afraid of a little friendly competition! She frequently attends Viva Las Vegas, The Hukilau, Nashville Boogie, countless car shows, and surf-rock festivals. You can always catch her out on the dance floor. She can swing, jive, salsa, bachata and is even a Flamenco dancer. So, make sure to save her a spot on your dance card!

Event Coordinator, South | Nicole Powell

Nicole, also known as Ms. Swizzlestick, was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She loves to travel and seeks out Tiki adventure, from exploring Disney theme parks to checking out Tiki bars all over the world.

Nicole grew up in a household that paid homage to tropical and Tiki culture via house décor and celebratory family trips to Trader Vic’s but turning 21 and discovering Tiki drinks solidified her interest. She became more serious about the art of tropical cocktails and upped her Tiki game after that. Nicole and her family own a home Tiki bar together called The Tonkinese Terrace. Inspired by exotic cocktails and a love for Tonkinese cats, this home bar has been a work in progress for more than 15 years, has hosted several parties, and has been featured on local Tiki home bar tours. Nicole now travels to Tiki conventions and visits a Tiki bar whenever she can visit other cities. She enjoys Tiki mugs, swizzle sticks and vintage Tiki attire, and all the great new Tiki friends that she’s met along the way!