• Fantasy Island
    On May 13th, 2020, Michelle, the founder of Ladies Who Tiki, her husband Todd (our resident bartender), and their home tiki bar […]
  • Shrunken Wahine
    The Shrunken Wahine was our official Tiki Oasis 2019 room party drink and is an original recipe developed by Todd Hawkins and […]
  • Tahitian Temptress
    The Tahitian Temptress was the official Ladies Who Tiki cocktail at our 2018 Tiki Oasis room party sponsored by Cane Land Distilling […]
  • Ladybird
    Watch our video and follow along as we make a Lady Bird (our riff on the Jungle Bird).
  • Teal This is Over
    Get your QuaranTiki on with a brightly hued Ladies Who Tiki teal colored drink.
  • Floral and Spice and Everything Nice
    Our “Floral and Spice and Everything Nice” cocktail combines floral and spice (you guessed it!) along with sweet and bitter flavors to create a delicious libation that is sure to chase away the quarantine blues.
  • And For The Lady, The POG Punch
    This original cocktail was created by Sarah Baker from the S.O.S. Tiki Bar for our four-year anniversary. And For The Lady, The […]