Lono Hollywood Meets The Ladies Who Tiki

Hollywood Boulevard may be known for its glittering sidewalk of stars paying homage to the celebrities of old and new, but locals and tiki lovers alike are now familiar with Lono; a new den of tropical cocktails named after the Hawaiian god of agriculture and rain.

Opened on June 9th, 2017, by the Umbrella Hospitality Group, Lono combines the refined edges of old Hollywood glamour with the beloved kitsch of Polynesian and Tiki decor. Palm fronds and banana leaves adorn the corners and edges of the deep restaurant and bar, while rattan chairs rim tables that invite guests to have a seat and order a Pearl Diver and the avocado-yuzu creme fraiche dip.

After you enter the Instagramable neon-lit sign of “Where the Wild Things Are,” sounds of Martin Denny waft out of speakers as you sidle up to the bar and order a classic like the Navy Grog or a new take on the traditional called the Banana Boo Loo. A cocktail crafted by Helena Olsen with Bryan Davis’ Lost Spirits Navy Rum and fresh lime, pineapple, banana, and demerara. If you’re so inclined to stay for dinner, award-winning chef, David Lespron, can be thanked for the delicious food.

On an early Saturday evening in late March, the Ladies Who Tiki had the pleasure of hosting one of their fun and inclusive meetups. Victoria Barabas from Lono was our amazing ‘hostess with the mostess’ as she kept the appetizers and cocktails coming. We had ladies (and gents!) from far and wide packed into the back section of the bar. And with high atrium glass ceilings, five lage cabana booths, and another bar to accommodate everyone, it was a wonderfully roomy space for all the LWT guests. The beautiful and effervescent Miss Tiki Oasis 2018, Ruby Champagne, was in attendance and she graciously posed for so many pictures with everyone! The chic ladies of Vintage Life LA were also there looking fabulous and they were able to snag a Lono mug and snap some beautiful photos of the event.

It was an evening of meeting new and familiar faces with tropical cocktails flowing well into the night. Founder, Michelle Perez of LWT stated, “I’m so thankful to Lono for allowing us to host our event. They went above and beyond to accommodate everyone! With each event, I truly appreciate the support we continue to garner from the Tiki community. Ladies Who Tiki just turned ‘One’ and it has been the most humbling experience. Cheers to what the future holds!”

If you weren’t able to make it to this meetup we do hope you can join us for the next one! And definitely stop into Lono for a cocktail and some food. Their busiest “club and touristy” hours usually start after 9 and 10 pm on weekends so we encourage you to check out Lono on a weekday or earlier in the evening.

Mahalo, everyone!

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